Privacy Policy

We will protect your personal information.

  • Information submitted/collected by Primary Solutions (including information provided through the website, contact information for current/prospective clients, other client communications, and software usage data) will be used by Primary Solutions solely for the purposes of communicating with prospective/current clients and improving business functions, including:
    • Facilitating relationships with current and prospective clients. For example, we may use the data to distribute requested product information, provide user training materials, and enhance website content.
    • Facilitating internal business operations. For example, the data may help us prioritize software enhancements, identify areas to support with new training curriculum, and provide information on what to include in user manuals.
  • On occasion, client information may be shared with business partners of Primary Solutions for the purpose of providing information about products and services that may improve the functionality of your software or improve your user experience. For example, we may share client contact information with vendors whose products interface with our software.
  • Your information will not be sold to any third-party entity.

We will protect consumers’ confidential information.

  • Primary Solutions is committed to protecting consumer information, as outlined in the software license agreement and the Business Associate Addendum.
  • Clients may request a copy of their software license agreement or Business Associate Addendum by contacting Bonita Erenpreiss (

Privacy policy last updated 6/12/2014

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