Freeing You to Serve

//Freeing You to Serve

Freeing You to Serve

In 2016, Primary Solutions began to work with the Impact Group, a marketing and design agency. Together, working specifically with the Business Development and Executive teams, “Freeing You to Serve” was born in April 2016. This message is a way to communicate Primary Solutions’ goal in a simple manner to understand.

Brian Marshall, President of Primary Solutions, said, “Our customers are passionate about serving individuals with disabilities, and we focus on making them successful. ‘Freeing You to Serve’ says a great deal about what we stand for.”

Primary Solutions works to provide the best software and services to allow its customers to spend their time caring for individuals in the community, without feeling the heavy burden of regulations and paperwork. The idea behind creating the new company tagline was to help customers understand that Primary Solutions can deliver on its promise to lift that burden.

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