Infal Timecards Feature

Primary Solutions’ Infal timecards and leave requests offer agencies the opportunity to not only reduce paper, but also track leave and time in a more efficient manner. Leave times are available to employees in real time, and timecards may be pulled directly into the Infal Payroll system. The module is found in Infal 1 and, according to Product Support Specialist Arletta Hinger, “This particular [...]

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Freeing You to Serve

In 2016, Primary Solutions began to work with the Impact Group, a marketing and design agency. Together, working specifically with the Business Development and Executive teams, “Freeing You to Serve” was born in April 2016. This message is a way to communicate Primary Solutions’ goal in a simple manner to understand. Brian Marshall, President of Primary Solutions, said, [...]

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Gatekeeper and Advisor

 Chat Assist expands user support Now it’s even easier to get support quickly.  Advisor and Gatekeeper now include ChatAssist. Users can connect with a software support specialist or IT support specialist in real-time by clicking the “Chat” button on their toolbar. After providing some basic information, users can discuss the problem they are experiencing [...]

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Gatekeeper and Advisor: Introducing enhanced reporting features

Accessing the information that is most important to you is now even easier with these emerging features: Calendar view (users can change the standard report view to a calendar view) Drill Down (click within a report to access more detailed information about report data. For example, users can click on a specific payment on a [...]

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