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Billing / Claims Specialist – Full Time

Billing /Claims Specialist – Full time

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 2 years of Medicaid billing experience. Job requirements include experience and/or knowledge in the following areas:

  • Medicaid Waiver Billing to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities for reimbursement.  Reconcile payments and research error notification.
  • Computer skills: working knowledge of Microsoft excel and word.
  • Accurate timely and efficient data entry.
  • Strong organizational skills, and ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Must be detail-oriented and have the ability to effectively make decisions.
  • Experience with Gatekeeper or Advisor will be high priority for consideration.

We offer a competitive compensation and benefit package.


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The Hidden Cost of Free Devices


With Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) implementation just a few months away, providers face a choice between using the devices supplied by Sandata or using an alternate system like Advisor Anywhere. On the surface, the Sandata devices can seem like the clear choice because of the cost difference; however, providers may not be aware of the hidden costs they can expect when using the Sandata device.


Payment Delay or Loss


Let’s take a look at the typical process providers go through to complete documentation for billing. First, Direct Care Staff fill out a billing sheet with their start and stop time and submit the form to the biller.


The biller then has to key that information into DODD’s system for payment. In some cases, direct care staff also have to complete timesheets for payroll and then office staff key that information into their payroll system. In the EVV world, direct care staff will also have to clock into the Sandata device while at the service location. Eventually, the visit information captured on the device will be used to verify the billing claim and if […]

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