Reduce your paper dependency and create audit-worthy service delivery documentation.

Anywhere is a web-based application that interfaces with Advisor, Gatekeeper, and Infal software programs. Anywhere replaces paper documentation increasing accuracy and efficiency. Anywhere’s user-friendly interface includes dashboard alerts and visual cues to insure documentation is complete. Staff can securely access Anywhere via desktop computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone, or kiosk. Data entered in Anywhere is immediately available in Advisor, Gatekeeper, or Infal.



Empower Your Direct Support Staff

With Anywhere, your staff can create entries for attendance, case notes, outcome documentation, service delivery, and goal activity in real-time at the service location. Documentation is immediately available for review or reporting in the back office systems. Data connections are secure and no data is stored on the data entry device for better HIPPA Compliance.

  • Reduce paper dependency
  • Improve documentation integrity
  • Create audit-worthy service delivery documentation
  • Securely connect via any device with internet access
  • Entries are immediately available in Gatekeeper or Advisor

Now Available

Day Services

  • Capture attendance data at the source
  • Know who is at each location in real time
  • Eliminate paper sign-in sheets for Day Programs
  • Record attendance start and end times by individual or group

Outcomes and Services

  • Provides staff with visual cues to easily gauge daily progress, including complete and incomplete outcomes, services, or goals
  • Simple, configurable setting to define outcome entry prompts
  • Set your own result sets, and documentation requirements for specific results
  • Monitor daily, weekly, monthly and annual outcomes to ensure all services are being delivered as required in the Individual Service Plan


  • Mark an individual absent for a location
  • Automatically mark outcomes, services, goals, and activities for daily activity as absent
  • Prevent entry of attendance in Day Services if marked absent for a location


  • View key data for the individuals you serve while in the field
  • See related people such as their parents, guardian, doctor or service coordinator and have their contact information at your fingertips
  • View scanned documents such as their ISP when you need it
  • Update their picture as needed
  • Intellivue document imaging interface

Progress Notes

  • Create and receive notes about a location or about an individual from other staff
  • Be notified when a new note is entered
  • Visual indicators that all notes have been read

Case Notes

  • Document service delivery in real time.
  • View and update existing case notes
  • Case notes are immediately available in Advisor or Gatekeeper
  • Inline spell checking of your case notes
  • Use Talk-To-Text to enter Case Notes**
** HIPPA issues may need to be considered


  • Capture employee time and individuals served in one record
  • Capture employee mileage and expenses
  • Capture location, date and time of service for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  • Allow for supervisor approval for time
  • One entry for both billing and payroll

Timeclock for Infal

  • County staff can enter payroll time through a web browser into Infal

Coming Soon!


  • Enter job activity in real time
  • Immediate access through the back office

Incident Tracking

  • Record incidents in real time
  • Include date, time, people involved, description of the incident, immediate action, outcome and more
  • Send immediate text and e-mail notifications that an incident has been entered