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Launched with a Specific Mission

In 1998, Primary Solutions released our flagship Gatekeeper software. Gatekeeper was designed specifically to address the evolving information management needs of Ohio’s county boards of DD. Shortly after the introduction of Gatekeeper, software requests began arriving from the DD provider community. Agency providers were searching for a program that would ease their billing challenges and meet their information management needs. Advisor was created in response to those provider requests. With both provider clients and county board clients, Primary Solutions developed OhioDD.com to allow these clients to share information with each other more efficiently. Our staff continued to specialize in providing software and services for Ohio’s DD community for the next 15 years.

Expanding Our Horizons

In October 2013, Primary Solutions acquired Mitchell & Associates. The acquisition brought the well-known Infallible applications into the Primary Solutions product line. With the addition of Infallible, Primary Solutions is expanding beyond the DD community to serve a broad range of county government and human services agencies. Infallible is used by a wide variety of county government organizations throughout Ohio, including sheriff offices, health departments, and county engineers. Additionally, private non-profit organizations use Infallible. We are excited by the opportunity to support these vital community resources, and look forward to learning more about each of their unique needs. As with all Primary Solutions clients, Infallible users will have the benefit of our integrity, experience, technology and proven business methods as we strive to provide them with effective, affordable solutions.

about Primary SolutionsContinuing Our Commitment to Ohio’s DD Community

Primary Solutions is uniquely integrated at all levels of Ohio’s DD community, with thousands of professionals across the state using our products each day:

  • Gatekeeper and Infallible software products are used by the staff in 86 counties and five Councils of Government.
  • Advisor software is used by over 100 DD agencies and billing agents.
  • The Primary Solutions Billing Service processes over $1.6 million in DODD claims each month for 140 agencies and independent providers.

Our support of the DD community doesn’t stop with the products we sell. We have a committed working relationship with DODD. We are active in a variety of conferences, we participate in industry committees, and we are regularly called upon by counties and providers as a resource in the ever-changing DD landscape. We are also active members of OPRA and the OACB Technical Alliance. Our team members have many years of valuable field experience working directly in the Ohio DD community, providing an unmatched level of insight and understanding into the needs of providers. Our staff is dedicated to the field of developmental disabilities and we share your mission of providing the best care available.

Our Message to You

Your organization’s success is important to us, and we are committed to being a strong business partner. You can trust that Primary Solutions is small enough to care about your organization’s individual needs and large enough to respond to them.

“We trust the personnel and the integrity with which they operate.”
Jeanne Stuntz, Vice President, On the Mark Services
“All staff that I have dealt with at PSI have been very helpful
and willing to assist me in any way that they can.”
Preble County Board staff member
“I can easily say that PSI exhibits a “gold standard” for support.”
Rachel Mallory, I.T. Manager, Montgomery County Board of DD Services