Designed to meet your organizations specialized accounting needs.

Primary Solutions combines integrity, experience, and technology to create effective affordable software solutions for county agencies. As partners, we will help you create expenditure reports, manage budgets, and track time off balances while giving you the ability to sync with many auditor’s offices.

  • Track expenses, revenue, fund, and grant balances
  • Track all encumbered and unencumbered balances
  • Manage assets and inventory tracking
  • Provide monthly and annual fiscal reporting
Financial Management

A complete fund accounting package that allows organizations to track all revenue, expenses, payroll data, and department budgets.

Time Tracking

Make time tracking effortless with Infal. Automate leave time and approval for leave request, provide real time balances including accruals, send notifications, and provide fiscal reporting.


Stay up to date with your finances with our customizable in-depth reports. Easily track expenses, revenue, funds, and encumbered balances. Infal also provides monthly and fiscal reports.


Your complete accounting solution starts here!

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