Reduce your paper dependency and create audit-worthy service delivery documentation.

Anywhere is a web-based application that interfaces with Advisor and Gatekeeper software programs. Anywhere replaces paper documentation sheets and increases documentation accuracy. With Anywhere, Direct Support Staff create real-time entries for attendance, notes, goal activity, and service delivery directly from the service location. Information can be entered by individual, or as a group, with the ability to view existing activity and edit information that they have entered.

Anywhere’s user-friendly interface includes dashboard alerts and visual cues to insure documentation is complete. Staff can access Anywhere using their secure user information via desktop computer, laptop, tablet or kiosk. Data entered in Anywhere is immediately available in Gatekeeper or Advisor.



Empower Your Direct Support Staff


  • Reduce paper dependency
  • Improve documentation integrity
  • Create audit-worthy service delivery documentation
  • Securely connect via any device with internet access
  • Entries are immediately available in Gatekeeper or Advisor

Now Available


  • Day Services
    • Capture attendance and document outcomes
    • Eliminate paper sign-in sheets for day programs
    • Record attendance times by individual or group
  • Outcomes and Services
    • Provides staff with visual cues to easily gauge daily progress, including complete and incomplete goals
    • Simple, configurable setting to define outcome entry prompts

Coming Soon!


  • Demographics
    • View key consumer data
  • Case Notes
    • Real-time case note documentation
    • Document case notes without logging Gatekeeper or Advisor