Gatekeeper: DODD requests demo of Gatekeeper’s Title XX tracking

Before making the recent changes, DODD staff proactively explored how Title XX is tracked through Gatekeeper. Tiffany Harlan and Jessica Levy visited our office for a demonstration. While reviewing Gatekeeper’s Title XX tracking capability and the supporting reports, DODD suggested that the Early Intervention Case Notes report be modified to remove unnecessary fields. The transportation [...]

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Infallible: Use Infallible to manage Family Support Services

Look forward to ditching the spreadsheets! Infallible’s 2015.4 release (scheduled for December) will allow counties to track overall FSS budgets down to an individual or family. Allocations can be tied to an IHPO/Requisition for easy tracking and real-time FSS balances. It also offers email notifications to department heads and the fiscal office. Additional information will [...]

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